Is your business stressing you out or excluding you from your social life? Are you having difficulties handling your business because of all the tasks just piling up? Success can’t be done alone, you need a helping hand. YOU need a virtual assistant! We will help you get your work done and grow your business without paying too much and with great results. You can stop tiring yourself and leave it to us.  


We at Q&S Virtual Service, provide cost-effective services to small and thriving businesses. We focus on the details and offer you the best quality service you could ever get. We act as personal assistants to handle time-consuming tasks such as managing your social media, help you reach the top of the search engine results in google by driving traffic to your website, graphics  design, audio/video, website maintenance, creating quality and stylish landing pages and finding the best deals for your travel. Virtual assistance is the approach wherein an employee works from a different part of the world yet acts as a regular staff. Running a business has a lot of work and a lot of tasks that you wish you could just do without this is why outsourcing has been a trend in the business world these days. Hiring virtual assistants have helped a lot of businesses to make big profits for lesser expenses.



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